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Heres A poem I wrote
I hold my hand out to you
Wanting you to hear me
Calling to you in the Darkness
Where Did you go?
Where are you know
Yesterday you were here
Leading me through this disease
Helping me through those painful years
Where the only thought I had
were thoughts of suicide
And Where'd you run to
When you couldn't handle it anymore
Into the arms of another Girl
Someone stable, someone smart
Did I ever mean that much to you?
Or was I just your latest pity case
Were you ever my friend
Or just a soul
Feeling a bit of sympathy
I'm still holding out my hand to you
All I feel is the empty
Air spreading away
Was it a dream
Another lie
Of you saying the old line
"Best Friends Forever"
I try to call
Try to get a sign
Of something I wish for
I've been fading away
You probably haven't noticed
Those darkened thought
We fought so hard to defeat
Aren't really gone
This new girl, right?
You thought she was my friend
Are you so blinded to the fact
That she glares at me with utter hatred
You ran to her
When I said things that came out wrong
You always had me
Saying sorry,
Please forgive me
Just to stick around
I'm being pushed away
Cause she is lucky enough
To have her sanity in check
She hasn't been through enough shit
To even comprehend
How messed up I am
She puts on an act
Saying I'M the enemy
I'm losing the best friend I ever had
Because somehow
She's what you need
For awhile I stuck by
Forging a smile
Whilst inside Tears rage like rain
I'm still around
Bewildered by how
Quickly I was replaced
Where does the story end
With her at you side
and me out of the way
I'm forever loyal
Forever your friend
While she's a passing light
While you're with her
In your own little world
Unnatural things beg me to start again
I don't tell you about it
I've seen where that has gotten me
Nothing but a slap in the face
Or a cruel laugh
You say I'm too wrapped up
In the words I right
My own 'demented' problems
My fault you found her
If you knew the real truth
You'd understand
I'm still wondering
Why she's so special;
Where was I when you two made plans
For your best friends to get together
Never told me a word of it
I was battling my demons with a blade
Yeah Its Starting again Katie
It hurts to watch you
Favor her over your oldest friend
She sits on your lap, high and mighty
Pure contempt in her eyes
Seriously answer me this
Am I just here to
Keep your goddamned secret safe
Tell me why
She's so damned perfect
I'm still crying at night
Maybe I'll get over this
I should let you go
But I can’t seem to bear
Losing my friend
The one who saved me from death himself
I'm hoping for
Some kind of miracle in The Bookends
Most of the time
I have to run away
But it always comes back
I'm taking a one way trip
Back to the beginning
Seemingly so long ago
I barely remember the start of our friendship
Where you took me out of the storm
Unwittingly I'm back
In it
Only this time I can't escape the thunder
If I can still reach out to you Ms. Smith
I can defeat the shadows
I can give away the blade
Before it all fades away


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